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    • Colors 1993 

      Carroll College; Waitt, Andrea; Erickson, Trinity; Rand, Erin; Franz, Garrett; Gianotti, Jim; Sanders, Mary; Swingley, Biff; Warden, Dundee; Zelenka, Scott; Moore, Jonothan; Koder, Tracy; Porrovecchio, Mark; Greenup, Tina; Bell, Mary Aldea; Kennedy, Colleen (1993)
      CONTENTS Growing up, anonymous 5; And it all started with a mouse, Andrea Waitt 6; Mountain poetry, Trinity Erickson 10; The stage is dark, anonymous 10; Untitled, Erin Rand 11; Bob's big day, Garrett Franz 12; 5:00 ...
    • "Melancholy" A Play In Two Acts 

      Waitt, Andrea (1993-04-01)
      The stage is split into two levels. The upper level holds a walled-off study carrel, complete with table, chairs, and a door leading offstage. Upper level, stage left, holds the dormitory door with stairs leading down to ...