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    • Confidence and Trust in a Polarized America 

      Taft, Kelly (2018-04-20)
      Trust, confidence in the American people, and confidence in the vote count are in peril in the context of a surprising 2016 general election and increasingly polarized society. In an America divided along party lines, ...
    • Dirty Laundry: Catholics and Protestants in Montana circa 1914 

      Taft, Kelly (2018-04-20)
      Catholics and Protestants have been at odds with each other since 1517. In Montana, the debate manifested in the Mabel Rail affair at the House of the Good Shepherd, a home for “fallen women” in 1914. Mabel Rail was sent ...
    • Love in the Greek and Roman Context 

      Taft, Kelly (2018-04-20)
      Dante’s Divine Comedy and Plato’s Symposium explore the connections between love and the divine. While the authors lived in different countries, time periods, and cultures, Dante and Socrates agree that love elevates humans ...