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    • Colors 2019 

      Carroll College; Rowsey, Reid; Olmes, Anthony; Marie, Anne; Wurzer, Anna; Minudri, Isabella; Marietti, Danielle; Mull, Branan; Shewman, Brynn; Harris, Kathryn; Carroll, Audrey; Michelotti, Megan; Montowski, Margaret; Higgins, Kevin; Le, Tommy; Charlton, Bret; Swenson, Mariah; Gail, Maddison; McGee, Kristina; Dolan, Abigail; Ackeret, Tracy; Sekerak, Jessica (2019)
      CONTENTS The Things We Do For Survival, Isabella Minudri 7; Lost Soul, Reid Rowsey 13; Turning Point, Anthony Olmes 18; Hey Alexa?, Anne Marie 26; The River’s Lips, Anna Wurzer 27; Here Comes the Rain, Isabella Minudri ...
    • ¿Percepción o Realidad? Narraciones Sobre Inmigrantes Latinoamericanos Frente la Literatura de Inmigrantes Latinoamericanos 

      Swenson, Mariah (2019-04-01)
      Los Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica comparten una frontera que extiende más que 1.900 millas. En los Estados Unidos, hay millones de inmigrantes latinoamericanos, los descendientes de inmigrantes latinoamericanos, y Latinos ...
    • Perception or Reality? U.S. Portrayals of Latino Immigrants versus Latino Immigrant Literature 

      Swenson, Mariah (2019-04-25)
      The United States and Latin America share about a 1,954 mile long border, and the U.S. is home to millions of Latino immigrants, the descendants of Latino immigrants and Latinos who have watched the border move around them. ...