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    • Colors 2005 

      Carroll College; Hussey, Randy E.; Ellis, Sam; Wilson, Kate; Puhek, Lenore McKelvey; Walter, Scott; Wright, Adam; Williams, Judith S.; Niño, Richard O.; Borneman, Bill; Gerke, David; Boland, Will; Ferst, Barry; Rivers, Kolleen; Niño, Richard O.; Denson, Abby Shea; Mack, Danny; Simonich, Marcus; Holt, Brynn; Ellis, Sam; Graham, Loren; Schmidt, Jeremy; Harp, Darcy Poletti; Nelson, Christine; Rivers, Kolleen; Denson, Abby Shea; Schmitz, Jodi; Kohman, Paulette; Mack, Danny; Bowman, Tim; Rangitsch, Gretchen; Staley, Kate; McDonald, Sean (2005)
      CONTENTS Redwoods, Randy E. Hussey 1; Felling an Engelmann, Sam Ellis 2; Out of the Woods, Kate Wilson 3; Powwow Magic, Lenore McKelvey Puhek 4; Here Are Aspen So Sensuous, Scott Walter 10; The Savemobile, Adam Wright ...
    • Long Term Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination on Bacterial Communities in the Upper Clark Fork River Canyon 

      Simonich, Marcus (2005-04-01)
      Microorganisms and their activities drive most ecosystems and therefore must be assessed in order to study ecosystem stability. Heavy metal contamination is known to have adverse effects on soil bacteria. In this study, ...