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    • Colors 1978 

      Carroll College; Estock, Susan; Mattix, Bill; Bowen, Mary; Sverdrup, Eileen; Cronin, Mike; Thiel, Kris; Kohler, Allen; Bullock, Bonnie; Sherman, Joseph (1978)
      Drawing, Susan Estock 1; Prophets, Bill Mattix 2; The Lock, Mary Bowen 3; Drawing, Susan Estock 5; Secret of the Clocks, Eileen Sverdrup 6; The Jacket, Mike Cronin 7; Drawing, Susan Estock 9; The Forecast Is Rain, ...
    • Undecidability In Wittgenstein's Picture Theory Of Meaning 

      Sherman, Joseph (1980-04-01)
      In early 1931 Kurt Goedel published a paper with the ominous title "On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems I," which, though tech nically accessible to only a limited number of ...