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    • Nanopore Sequencing of Microbial Communities from the Asarco East Helena, Montana Smelter Site 

      Shefelbine, Lucas; McWade, Molly; Lohr, Kelsyn; Schultz, Brooklynn (2022)
      Lead pollution has extremely negative effects on both the environment and the organisms living in it. The work done in this project serves to demonstrate the effects of the East Helena smelting operation on the microbiome ...
    • Talma Gordon Critical Edition 

      Wallis, Caleb; Williams, Nicole; Shefelbine, Lucas; Richardson, Morris; Weeks, Rylie (2020)
      During Fall 2020, the Literary Studies class created a Critical Edition focused around the short story “Talma Gordon,” published in 1900 and often cited as the first ever African-American mystery story. Often cited as the ...