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    • Biogeographical Origins and Phytogeny of the Endemic Hawaiian Species ofCibotium (Dicksoniaceae): a Molecular Perspective Based on atpb Sequences 

      Nelson, Christine (2006-04-01)
      A great deal of speculation exists as to the biogeographical origins and phylogeny of endemic Hawaiian ferns; yet only a handful of studies has actually examined the evolution of these endemics and their relationships to ...
    • Colors 2005 

      Carroll College; Hussey, Randy E.; Ellis, Sam; Wilson, Kate; Puhek, Lenore McKelvey; Walter, Scott; Wright, Adam; Williams, Judith S.; Niño, Richard O.; Borneman, Bill; Gerke, David; Boland, Will; Ferst, Barry; Rivers, Kolleen; Niño, Richard O.; Denson, Abby Shea; Mack, Danny; Simonich, Marcus; Holt, Brynn; Ellis, Sam; Graham, Loren; Schmidt, Jeremy; Harp, Darcy Poletti; Nelson, Christine; Rivers, Kolleen; Denson, Abby Shea; Schmitz, Jodi; Kohman, Paulette; Mack, Danny; Bowman, Tim; Rangitsch, Gretchen; Staley, Kate; McDonald, Sean (2005)
      CONTENTS Redwoods, Randy E. Hussey 1; Felling an Engelmann, Sam Ellis 2; Out of the Woods, Kate Wilson 3; Powwow Magic, Lenore McKelvey Puhek 4; Here Are Aspen So Sensuous, Scott Walter 10; The Savemobile, Adam Wright ...