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    • A Cooperative Approach to the N-Solution Problem 

      Murray, Sean (2012-04-01)
      Collaboration is an ever-present element in scientific research today. Even within laboratories and research teams, colleagues need to analyze, interpret, and disseminate research outcomes individually. Despite this need, ...
    • Colors 2013 

      Carroll College; Graham, Loren; Kelsch, Peter; Soennichsen, Elaine; Harris, Matthew; Miller, Claire; Cummings, Katie; Sweeney, Shelby; Murray, Sean; Williams, Mary; Guttenberg, Alexa; Kelsch, Peter; Burke, Shanna; Smith, Lorah; Dryden, Raven; Reiman, Liz; Berguer, Laura; Lannan, Ryann; Soennichsen, Elaine; Harris, Rhakeem; Ehle, Claire; Stottlemyer, Ron (2013)
      CONTENTS About Beginnings, Loren Graham 4; "I am gentle star time", Peter Kelsch 6; The Weather of Inner Turmoil, Elaine Soennichsen 7; Backpacking, Matthew Harris 9; Reality, Claire Miller 10; Spring Cleaning, Katie ...