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    • American Indians In Film: How They Became Mythical Beings Of The Hollywood Western 

      McGill, Jana (2000-04-01)
      Rather than depict American Indians as they historically were and now are—a people whose worldview encompasses social, cultural, political, religious, and economic systems that rival, influence, and often transcend the ...
    • Colors 1997 

      Carroll College; Bliese, Gus F.; Tooke, Doug; Bruun, Tina; Ferrie, Kate; Edminster, Matt; Shields, Pat; Bastiansen, Layla; Bauer, Lawrence A.; Dalton, Lonita; Yount, E.; Mickelberry, Shanelle; Martonick, Clara; Vennes, Jamie S.; Devena, Tina; Benjamin, Donna; Phillips, Adrienne J.; Tacke, Jessica; Super, Maria; Doughten, Rob; Miller, D. E.; Hicks, Manda; Williams, Debra J.; Snell, Beau; Benjamin, Donna; Mills, Annette; Wray, Shannon; McGill, Jana; Laughlin, Katie; Lundin, Sarah; Buchanan, Gary L.; Ringler, Lisa; Roberts, Andrew J.; Borneman, Patti (1997)
      CONTENTS Price of My Soul, Gus F. Bliese 6; A Simple Lesson, Doug Tooke 7; Untitled, Tina Bruun 8; Lost Memories, Kate Ferrie 9; Winter Warriors, Matt Edminster 10; Double Shot, Matt Edminster and Pat Shields 10; My ...