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    • Colors 2012 

      Carroll College; Buscher, James; Kelsch, Peter; Solis, Peter; Hunthausen, Sam; Harding, Sabrina; Bloomdahl, Holly; Ferst, Barry; Simons, Andrea; Reiman, Liz; Simboli, Victoria; Lythgoe, Adam; Pearson, Daniel; Stottlemyer, Ronald; Mclean, Mark; Mildenberger, Ashli; Anduaga-Arias, Marcus; McElroy, Billy; Lewallen, David; Dryden, Raven; Harper, Steve; Rosen, Zach; Stewart, Kevin; Ross, Emily; Becker, Rachel; Graham, Loren; Soennichsen, Elaine (2012)
      CONTENTS Genesis, James Buscher 3; An Unassuming Hearse, Peter Kelsch 4; Sonnet, Peter Solis 7; Harvest, Sam Hunthausen 8; The Mortician, James Buscher 9; To A Child, Sabrina Harding 12; Infliction, Kelly Meros ...
    • Distribution of bird reservoir hosts for West Nile Virus in Montana 

      McElroy, Billy (2011-04-01)
      West Nile virus (WNv) is an arthropod-borne flavivirus that was first detected in the United States in 1999. By 2004 it had spread to 48 states and, to date, it has been the source of greater than 29,000 cases of human ...