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    • Colors 1981 

      Carroll College; Ramirez, John I. C.; Furness, Tim; Hoovestal, Palmer; Lightbourne, Jerome; Lea, R.; Muller, Heidi; Ostervold, Mary; Larson, Gina; Schafer, Paula; Dooris, Pat; Peterson, Eric; Schaan, Tony; Warfield, Kit; Court, Debbie; Lowry, Joyce; Taft, Mary; Marsh, Denise; Bergeron, Francine; Mertes, Tom; Bock, Dolores; Perez, Christopher; Cosgrove, Kelly; Bowen, M. (1981)
      CONTENTS Untitled, John I. C. Ramirez 2; Love will fly, Tim Furness 3; Untitled, Palmer Hoovestal 4; The wave, Jerome Lightbourne 6; The land*lord, R. Lea 7; Song of the newborn, Heidi Muller 8; Untitled, Mary ...
    • Colors 1983 

      Carroll College; Smith, Drew; Huddleston, Tom; Johnson, Kitty; Miller, Don; Hurley, Erin; Chaloupka, Joannie; McCormack, Francis X.; Sullivan, Julie; Tursich, Cheryl; Moudy, Kerry; Neely, Jamie; Dellwo, Doug; Sloan, C.C.; Basta, Iris; Muller, Heidi; Thompson, Cora; Olsen, Elaine; Williams, Gwen; Baumgartner, Tony; Ackerman, Cindy; Stout, James (1983)
      CONTENTS Machu Picchu, Drew Smith 5; Untitled, Drew Smith 6; Forest home, Drew Smith 6; They say I'm crazy, Tom Huddleston 7; Nam sitrep, Tom Huddleston 8; Untitled, Kitty Johnson 9; Untitled, Kitty Johnson 10; Michael, ...
    • The Superman Connection: The Philosophical Link Between Friedrich Nietzsche And Fyodor Dostoevsky 

      Ladenburg, Paula (1983-04-01)
      The study of literary influence is an inexact one, at best. When one discovers a similarity in the thought of two different men, it is tempting to assume that one man influenced the other. Often, that influence can only ...