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    • Colors 1989 

      Carroll College; Cameron, Brian G.; Johnson, Jo; Chase, Lynn A.; Smith, Justin; Harris, Patrick L.; Cramer, Lea; Moylan, Bridget; Irvine, Colin; Isakson, Susanne M.; O'Connell, Merrick; Lowman, Terry; Cramer, Lea; Kaluza, Karl; Kitazato, Kuniko; DeFlyer, Joe; Puhek, Lenore; Tamai, Rika; Stottlemyer, Joan (1989)
      CONTENTS Reeperbahn, B. Cameron 1; Expecting, Jo Johnson 3; If You Tell Me You Love, I Will Laugh in Your Face, Lynn A. Chase 4; Trust, Justin Smith 5; The Moment, Patrick L. Harris 6; My Lover, Lea Cramer 7; Untitled, ...
    • Marketing Montana Beef in Japan: An Analysis of Communication Theory and Marketing Practices in the Japanese Beef Market 

      Kaluza, Karl (1990-04-01)
      This paper examines the necessity of effective communication in the practice of marketing beef products into Japan. Initially examining Japanese agricultural history since the Meiji Restoration (1880), the research develops ...