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    • Colors 1970 

      Carroll College; Turcote, Michelle; Brown, Cordell; Burr, Dan; Linehan, Pattie; Lokowich, Jackie; Smith, Judy; Atkins, Charles; Kelly, Connie; Tracey, Jim; Cavanagh, Tom; Juhl, Angie; Lokowich, Jon; Heywood, Robert B.; Madden, Thomas R.; Poore, Margaret; Hall, Philip; Hanson, Kristen Noel; Tonkovich, Phil (1970)
      CONTENTS Analysis of "fern hill", Michelle Turcote 4; "The death of the ball turret gunner", Cordell Brown 56; Imperceptibly, by bounds, Dan Burr 8; The creators, Pattie Linehan 16; Love minus grandpa, Jackie Lokowich ...