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    • Colors 1997 

      Carroll College; Bliese, Gus F.; Tooke, Doug; Bruun, Tina; Ferrie, Kate; Edminster, Matt; Shields, Pat; Bastiansen, Layla; Bauer, Lawrence A.; Dalton, Lonita; Yount, E.; Mickelberry, Shanelle; Martonick, Clara; Vennes, Jamie S.; Devena, Tina; Benjamin, Donna; Phillips, Adrienne J.; Tacke, Jessica; Super, Maria; Doughten, Rob; Miller, D. E.; Hicks, Manda; Williams, Debra J.; Snell, Beau; Benjamin, Donna; Mills, Annette; Wray, Shannon; McGill, Jana; Laughlin, Katie; Lundin, Sarah; Buchanan, Gary L.; Ringler, Lisa; Roberts, Andrew J.; Borneman, Patti (1997)
      CONTENTS Price of My Soul, Gus F. Bliese 6; A Simple Lesson, Doug Tooke 7; Untitled, Tina Bruun 8; Lost Memories, Kate Ferrie 9; Winter Warriors, Matt Edminster 10; Double Shot, Matt Edminster and Pat Shields 10; My ...
    • Using the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) Model and the Forensic Laboratory to Modify and Improve the Basic Speech Course 

      Hicks, Manda (1997-04-01)
      The purpose of this paper is to develop a blueprint for modifying and improving the teaching of basic speech at the college level by applying methodologies used in college forensics coaching. Forensics coaching is too broad ...