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    • Colors 1999 

      Carroll College; Mack, Daniel; Laughlin, Katie; Burgoyne, Cathi; Wiegand, Becky; Herion, Suzy; Massey, Dawn; Stapp, Danny; Williams, Kendra; Knight, Mandy Lynn; Yount, E.; Groznik, Rhonna; Reeves, Virginia; McConnell, Jennifer L.; Knox, Cheri; Knight, Mandy Lynn; Celix, Bernedette; Sobczak, Carolyn; Schindele, Carrie (1999)
      CONTENTS I Didn’t Even Realize It Was Winter, Daniel Mack 7; Learning Death, Katie Laughlin 16; The Brass Lamp, Cathi Burgoyne 18; Forgotten, Becky Wiegand 20; A Fulfilling Conclusion to the Tale of Snow White, Suzy ...
    • Leeza Meets Thomas Shepard: Confessional Dialogues in the Salvation Culture 

      Groznik, Rhonna (1999-04-01)
      The notions of salvation and its intended function in society were deeply imbedded in the identity of America's second colonial people, the Puritans. The first Puritan colony was established in 1620 with the view that they ...