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    • Blackening the Blind Eye: 20th Century American Masculinity and Violence 

      Griffith, Nikolas (2010-04-01)
      For too long the American male protagonist has been allowed to operate without appropriate questioning of the violence inherent in his actions. This paper will look to question just that. Critics such as Richard Slotkin ...
    • Colors 2008 

      Carroll College; Smillie, Carolyn; Pfeiffer, Ryan; Walker, Sara; Martinez, Angel; Griffith, Nikolas; Gottschalk, Anne; Jam, Kevin; Brehe, Nathan; Chatfield, Alyssa; Buscher, James; Zollo, Adam; Lovelady, Bill; Quinn, Phillip; Wipf, Briana; Reeves, Virginia; Stark, Andrew; Graham, Loren; Bushcer, James; Christenson, Lucas; Riley, Drew; Mattix, Chris; Stueven, Emily; Gragert, Boomer (2008)
      CONTENTS Monday, Carolyn Smillie 2; Frivolous Frigidity, Ryan Pfeiffer 3; Picture Me Silently / Tired Retreat, Sara Walker 4; Wilted, Angel Martinez 5; Letter to the Editor, Nikolas Griffith 6; Goldilocks says I’m ...