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    • An Income Tax Planning Application Utilizing Lotus 1-2-3 

      Fleming, Wanda (1988-04-01)
      After I selected the topic "An Income Tax Planning Application Utilizing Lotus 1-2-3," it became apparent that the majority of my work would be in designing the application template and in getting it to work error-free. ...
    • Colors 1988 

      Carroll College; Driggs, Sharlet R.; Muffick, Donna; Cramer, Lea; Sullivan, Brian; Skabronski, Kelli; Kennedy, Edward; Fleming, Wanda; Lowman, Terry; Hayward, Bobbi; Pelensky-Kampfer, Deanna; Irvine, Colin; Cameron, Brian G.; Rose, Terry; Bennett, Mark; Amoroso, John; Tamai, Rika; Turner, L.E.; Harpole, Tom (1988)
      CONTENTS Velvet Hill, Sharlet R. Driggs 1; An Idea, Donna Muffick 2; Behind The Porcelain Mask, Lea Cramer 3; City Girl, Brian Sullivan 4; White Death, Kelli Skabronski 5; God’s Altar, Edward Kennedy 6; Images, ...