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    • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Character Consequences As A Result Of The Prison Experience 

      Faure, Jean (1981-04-01)
      As man addresses himself to the moral and ethical challenges the world confronts him with, he must ultimately ask himself what it means to he human. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn explores the concept of being and becoming ...
    • Colors 1980 

      Carroll College; Buchan, Joe; Muller, Heidi; Warfield, Kit; Ramirez, John I. C.; Sloan, Christopher C.; Kaney, John; Hallinan, William John; Nelson, Deb; Larson, Gina; Cleminger, Sue; Court, Debbie; Warfield, Kit; Hotz, Ellen J.; Zucker, Charles; Bowen, Mary; Faure, Jean; Bergeron, Francine; Matson, Melanie (1980)
      CONTENTS Birth, Joe Buchan 2; A brief moment, Heidi Muller 3; Point well taken, Kit Warfield 3; Divinations, John I. C. Ramirez 4; Alaska, Christopher C. Sloan 6; For what it's worth, John Kaney 6; After a reading ...