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    • Colors 1964 

      Carroll College (1964)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS Another Perspective, Tom Madden 1; The Sermon, Jack McGuire 5; Man on Campus, Karolyn Varela 9; Opaque and Glister, Mike Duffy 10; The Best Years, Sally Davis 11; To Form a Cherub, Judy Sterbenz ...
    • Colors 1989 

      Carroll College; Cameron, Brian G.; Johnson, Jo; Chase, Lynn A.; Smith, Justin; Harris, Patrick L.; Cramer, Lea; Moylan, Bridget; Irvine, Colin; Isakson, Susanne M.; O'Connell, Merrick; Lowman, Terry; Cramer, Lea; Kaluza, Karl; Kitazato, Kuniko; DeFlyer, Joe; Puhek, Lenore; Tamai, Rika; Stottlemyer, Joan (1989)
      CONTENTS Reeperbahn, B. Cameron 1; Expecting, Jo Johnson 3; If You Tell Me You Love, I Will Laugh in Your Face, Lynn A. Chase 4; Trust, Justin Smith 5; The Moment, Patrick L. Harris 6; My Lover, Lea Cramer 7; Untitled, ...