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    • Accessibility Scan of Carroll College 

      Shepherd, Eliza; Koster, Kami; Wilkinson, Genesis; VanSickle, Emma; Jones, Sadie; Olney, Bridget; Kraut, Grace; Cook, Breanna (2022-04)
      Research done in a national study in 2011 found that only 34 percent of college students with disabilities will complete a 4 year program (NLTS2: Home, n.d.). This is due to numerous issues with accessibility on college ...
    • Heparin Treatment for Pregnant Women with Protein S Deficiency: A Systematic Review 

      Cook, Breanna (2022)
      Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of heparin for decreasing adverse pregnancy outcomes in women diagnosed with thrombophilia disorders, with an emphasis on protein S deficiency. Methods: Literature was gathered using ...
    • Virtue as a Hindrance or Necessity to Improving the Human Condition 

      Cook, Breanna (2021)
      The ideas and definitions surrounding virtue have changed dramatically over the course of history, stretching from the power complex of Greco-Roman times, to God-fearing values of Judeo-Christian times. As a convert to ...