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    • Colors 2014 

      Carroll College; Dryden, Raven; Hull, Alaina; Graham, Loren; Allyn, Stuart; Jacobsen, Tyler; Bouchard, Jay; Walker, Sara; Bouchard, Jay; Bristow, Emmie; Nichter, Cody; Bodden, Symantha; Salamassian, Jessica; Fallis, Kelsey; Rivers, Rachel; Garringer, Kaya; Erickson, Olivia; Lythgoe, Adam (2014)
      CONTENTS To Share, Raven Dryden 6; Their Visit, Alaina Hull 7; Third Grade, Two Licks, First Day, Loren Graham 11; Temperance, Stuart Allyn and Tyler Jacobsen 12; Mindless Debauchery, Jay Bouchard 13; Angels Don’t ...
    • Colors 2015 

      Carroll College; Kinsey, Brenna; Gildner, Katie; French, William; Reed, Samantha; Sheehy, Janet; Smith, Conor; Moore, Justin A.; Stewart, Kevin; Nickol, Tori; Meyer, Ryden; Gevock, Amber; Edens, Ryan; Harding, Sabrina; Ferst, Barry; Bouchard, Jay; Golden, Michelle (2015)
      CONTENTS Colors in the Sky, Brenna Kinsey 2; Like Shooting a Dog, Katie Gildner 3; Trees in Limbo, William French 8; Minor, Samantha Reed 9; Adventure, Janet Sheehy 10; Double Black, Conor Smith 11; Winter, Justin ...
    • “Conscience is but a word that cowards use:” Richard III’s Machiavellian Impulse 

      Bouchard, Jay (2015-04-01)
      This thesis focuses on William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III and Niccolo Machiavelli’s political treatise, The Prince. This thesis begins by contextualizing the presence of Machiavelli’s work in Early Modern England. The ...