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    • Colors 2012 

      Carroll College; Buscher, James; Kelsch, Peter; Solis, Peter; Hunthausen, Sam; Harding, Sabrina; Bloomdahl, Holly; Ferst, Barry; Simons, Andrea; Reiman, Liz; Simboli, Victoria; Lythgoe, Adam; Pearson, Daniel; Stottlemyer, Ronald; Mclean, Mark; Mildenberger, Ashli; Anduaga-Arias, Marcus; McElroy, Billy; Lewallen, David; Dryden, Raven; Harper, Steve; Rosen, Zach; Stewart, Kevin; Ross, Emily; Becker, Rachel; Graham, Loren; Soennichsen, Elaine (2012)
      CONTENTS Genesis, James Buscher 3; An Unassuming Hearse, Peter Kelsch 4; Sonnet, Peter Solis 7; Harvest, Sam Hunthausen 8; The Mortician, James Buscher 9; To A Child, Sabrina Harding 12; Infliction, Kelly Meros ...
    • Knowledge Assessment of Anorexia Nervosa in Undergraduate Students 

      Becker, Rachel (2012-04-01)
      In the United States alone there are approximately ten million females and as many as one million males who are living with an eating disorder (National Eating Disorders Association, 2005). A 2007 study reported that 2.2% ...