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    • Animal Sacrifice in Scandinavian Folklore 

      Beckman, Michaela (2020-04-24)
      I'll be covering the history of animal sacrifice in regards to Sami culture and fairytales, the combination of Christianity and Paganism in the Folklore regarding Church Grim, and the connection between animal sacrifice ...
    • Speaking in the Desert: A History of the Armenian Genocide and Why its Disregard is Internationalized 

      Webb, McCabe (2020-04-24)
      This presentation will give the audience a brief history of the highly controversial Armenian Genocide of 1915-1917, as well as explaining how this genocide has the unique disctinction of being highly contenious, but also ...
    • The Airplane: A Revolution in Warfare 1939-1945 

      Franklin, Lauren (2012-04-01)
      Although the idea of aviation has existed since the dawn of time, it has only been within the past century that these ideas have been realized through the invention of the airplane. One of the airplane’s most notable ...