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    • Beyond the Binary: A Look at Gender Identity and Sexuality 

      Harris, Sydney; Roberge, Kaia; Vietz, Hailey (2018-04-20)
      <p id="x-x-x-docs-internal-guid-3f003d71-cb93-dd4c-31a2-7c14be7f20dd">Individuals’ expressions of self are not binary, yet our society thinks of two opposite and complementary categories of humans--male and female. In ...
    • Effect of Mild Stress on Memory Retention 

      Nylin, Emma; Vietz, Hailey; Herriges, Cameron; Plafcan, Joshua; Mills, Keely (2019-04-25)
      Numerous studies have shown the effects of how stress impacts memory, especially in clinical setting. However, less is known about how minor changes in stress can influence learning and memory. The current study looked at ...