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    • Effects of Culture and Debate Experience on the Fundamental Attribution Error 

      Goldhahn, Anna (1992-04-01)
      The tendency to make the fundamental attribution error was investigated in two experimental groups: high school debaters and international students. Despite their experience arguing assigned positions, the debaters committed ...
    • Fundamental Religion and Locus of Control 

      Cooley, Elizabeth (1991-04-01)
      Locus of control within fundamental religious groups was studied. The fundamentalists' seemingly paradoxical belief in both internal and external locus of control was explored in a discussion of the history, theology and ...
    • Peer Counseling Training and Resident Assistant Job Performance 

      Duvernay, Jennifer (1991-04-01)
      This study was designed to evaluate the effects of peer counseling skills training on resident assistant job performance. Training in peer counseling skills was given to six of seventeen resident assistants working in the ...